After a startling revelation over dinner, lovebirds Naomi and Xavier are unexpectedly thrust back into the wild, world of dating.  Singledom chronicles their comical misadventures as they search for love in all the wrong places and find themselves in the process.

The innovative web series features episodes that are 10 to 12 minutes in length, to be distributed using YouTube, social media platforms, and, all of which support the distribution of visual media and film.  Using advanced, cutting-edge techniques typically reserved for cinematic features, Singledom stands apart from the current marketplace, creating a new lane in the rapidly growing medium of web series.

With an uncompromising realness in storytelling, the Singledom team is proud of their final product, and notwithstanding, are very passionate about it. The team comprises some of the most talented individuals and creative thought leaders in the Philadelphia and tri-state areas. With the right partners, we will not only throw our hat into the rapidly growing arena of web series, we will make a huge splash.