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    • Singledom Trailer

      Episode 0: Singledom

      After a startling revelation over dinner, lovebirds Naomi and Xavier are unexpectedly thrust back into the wild, world of dating. Singledom chronicles their comical misadventures as they search for l…

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    • Singledom Episode 1 {We Are Family}

      Episode 1: We Are Family

      Published on Jun 24, 2014 In this Episode we meet Naomi's family. Xavier and Naomi have been together for the last 8 months and decide its time to meet her folks. Shenanigans ensue and a revelation i…

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    • Episode 2: Switch

      Both back at scratch, it turns out that Naomi and Xavier have the same bright idea of jump starting their new found Singledom by going to a local speed dating event. The wacky cast of characters they…

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    • Episode 3: Knock-Knock

      Chris, (Played by famed Rap Artist Spade-O) captured Naomi's interest at speed dating, now her loneliness mixed with his charm was enough to get Naomi to come over for their first date at HIS HOUSE! B…

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    • Singledom Episode 4 {Got Any Change}

      Episode 4: Got any change?

      Xavier reminisces about his college days and who got the most chicks, while Wayne has a run in with Multi-level-Marketing, and Oh, Mercedes ( Kristen Sledge) is the latest young lady to catch Xavier's…

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    • Singledom Episode 5 {Tendencies}

      Episode 5: Tendencies

      Episode 5 -"Tendencies" Naomi meets a new friend at Impact boutique, she's certain he's interest in more than a friendship. Sundae is suspicious from the jump and some of Ralphy's (Ryan RStar) "ten…

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